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132 TB of ROMS
« en: 03 de Septiembre de 2019, 07:15:06 pm »
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The-Eye Volatile Storage Project: The largest rom open directory online today.
Hey good people, we're just a few days from pointing the primary domain at the new server and getting back to business as usual. The new ssd is populated but I've been busy working on something else for you all, this post is about that.

The-Eye Volatile Storage Project
This project aims to vastly expand our storage capacity allowing us to serve much larger datasets from proxied storage, our first release under this project is the AlvRo rom set with an initial release of 82TB. Rate limiting applies to these datasets, 4 connections per ip, unlimited speeds. These directories aren't here to be mirrored for the sake of it but to provide data to those looking to actually make use of it rather than just have it sat on their drives.

82TB initial AlvRo release

(Note that some dirs are huge and will take a moment to render the page.)

The AlvRo Mess
For those of you that keep up with the rom sites and rom related drama here's what happened with alvro broken down.

I heard alvro was retiring, first I'd even heard of the guy

I joined a discord full of people scrambling to save the collections

A dev at the-eye modified rclone to work with 1fichier, allowing me to clone the collection faster than anyone else

Alvro joins the discord and after conversation about preservation he gives me his accounts (2)

All is going well with the cloning, around 60% done

I wake up the following day to messages from alvro freaking out, having recovered his accounts

We talk and it seems as those it's a misunderstanding (language barrier), he again gives me the accounts

Day's go by, all is going well, we're all talking about how best to serve the data back to our communities

The accounts get locked again... I'm done talking to alvro at this point so I reach out to 1fichier, they tell me the original account owner complained so they locked the accounts

Another week or so go by and it turns out 1fichier staff lied to me, they didn't lock the accounts they just gave alvro the accounts back for a 3rd time and blacklisted my email addresses

So, that's where we are today, AlvRo wasted the time of myself and at least 30 other people that were involved in this mess. Alvro is now back posting his adfly laden links from his google sheet again. So today is when I said fuck that noise, let's just host the whole lot without ads and the hoops to jump through getting them from alvro or 1fichier.

Our initial release here is to see how it goes, the full set is 132TB today we're releasing the first 82TB, should this project be well received we wil continue to add larger datasets over time, thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

You can reach me here on reddit, in the r/DataHoarder IRC (GreenObsession) or on our discord server. Come chat to everyone, see our new content before anyone else and join other like minds.
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132 TB of ROMS
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Backup operativo

Siempre que pasa igual sucede lo mismo


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Re:132 TB of ROMS
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Excelente, justo estaba buscando una página así. Lastima que no tiene  juegos .CIA para mi consola, pero lo demás es excelente para emular y buscar algunos juegos que no encuentro, se agradece el aporte. :ok: