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OpenTyrian *v1.2.1.20221123* WIN/LINUX/...
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OpenTyrian is an open-source port of the DOS game Tyrian.

Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter.  The story is set
in 20,031 where you play as Trent Hawkins, a skilled fighter-pilot employed
to fight MicroSol and save the galaxy.

Tyrian features a story mode, one- and two-player arcade modes, and networked

== Keyboard Controls ===========================================================

ctrl-backspace -- kill OpenTyrian
alt-enter      -- fullscreen
ctrl-f10       -- ungrab mouse

arrow keys     -- ship movement
space          -- fire weapons
enter          -- toggle rear weapon mode
ctrl/alt       -- fire left/right sidekick

== Network Multiplayer =========================================================

Currently OpenTyrian does not have an arena; as such, networked games must be
initiated manually via the command line simultaniously by both players.

  opentyrian --net HOSTNAME --net-player-name NAME --net-player-number NUMBER

where HOSTNAME is the IP address of your opponent, NUMBER is either 1 or 2
depending on which ship you intend to pilot, and NAME is your alias

OpenTyrian uses UDP port 1333 for multiplayer, but in most cases players will
not need to open any ports because OpenTyrian makes use of UDP hole punching.

== Links =======================================================================

irc:     irc://

Tyrian 2000 is a direct re-release of the original action smash, Tyrian. It is essentially the same game with an additional new episode (Hazudra Fodder), a revised engine (less bugs and better controls) and added Windows support. It also adds another option called "Timed Battle".

Tyrian is nothing like your run-of-the-mill shoot-'em-up. It gained a following even larger than the classic Raptor: Call of the Shadows, and rightfully so: it has a plot. A plot, you ask? Yes. And even a complex one. You play the role of Trent Hawkings, this galaxy's ace solo fighter-pilot, whose luck forces him to save the galaxy, one time after another. Again and again, Trent must fight off MicroSol, a company with the evil intent of taking over the galaxy. Through your struggles, you will find yourself again and again betrayed by friends and allies, your parents will be killed and you will have to return to points you've already been to (with variations on the levels) in order to remove further threats to the galaxy and to yourself, all for the ultimate goal of overthrowing MicroSol.

Tyrian also has two player arcade mode and supports network/modem/serial play. It features a multi-layered ship upgrade engine, in which you can change hulls, decide upon and upgrade your front and rear weapons, buy better shields and generators and even add ship "sidekicks". Tyrian's complete arsenal amound to over a dozen type of ships and over 100 weapon types!

This version already has the SDL libraries integrated in the binary and is available for 32 and 64 bits (Glibc 2.27 Ubuntu 18.04/Linux Mint 19.3)

This version is compiled under Linux Mint 19.3 x86_64

1-Un7zip the file in your home
2-sudo chmod +x opentyrian.*
3-./opentyrian.x86 or ./opentyrian.x86_64 según tu sistema operativo

You can play thew game directly with DOSBOX too

You can play the game in Windows downloading the binaries for win64

or the binaries for win32

Size: 3.83 MB
Version: v1.2.1.20221123

GITHUB opentyrian_v1.220220625-linux.7z
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OpenTyrian *v1.2.1.20221123* WIN/LINUX/...
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Creada versión nueva con estos cambios

-Actualizado a v2.1.20220625
-Creados binarios para 32 y 64 bits
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OpenTyrian *v1.2.1.20221123* WIN/LINUX/...
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Creada versión nueva con estes cambio

-Actualizado a v1.2.1.20221123
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