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Título: Lionheart Remake *WINDOWS/LINUX/ANDRoID/ *GLP 3.0*
Publicado por: Fl0ppy en 13 de Octubre de 2021, 08:08:36 pm

Lionheart Remake is a platform game, keeping as much as possible elements of the original game. The story is the same: You, a Cat-Man called Valdyn, got new capacity by The King, in order to destroy the growing threat of Norka, a monster wanting to destroy The Kingdom. Llene, promised woman of Valdyn has been kidnapped. Valdyn has to search for Norka, far of The Kingdom, in order to find her. But the trip won't be easy !

Indeed, your long tour is divided into several parts. You will have to cross a lot of area before to reach the end. The adventure is made up of 15 levels by including 7 distinct areas. Each area has its own elements, monsters...






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