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--- Quote (selected) ---i everyone, hope mods don't remove this post..

i have been working on the following (with help of interested friends):

locating most GOG games (track down some new and updated - not all missing some) since GOD died

writing, testing, debug uploading script - uses zippyshare plowshare module to help upload:

getting voting working and learning how database and API works, endpoints etc

testing testing testing

finally my copy of GoodOldDownloads (GOG Games site) is ready to be open to everyone. how do i get to the site? you can view how at github:

all games are up on zippyshare (sorry UK people...) if you run into any problem, please open a issue on github and if you have questions see faq on website.

will try to find and keep games updated, but no promise (not buying)

some minor bugs (49 year bug on games) but hope you enjoy so far :-)

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Han creado una alternativa que no es necesario el uso de TOR  :ok:

Ahora ya no es necesario el uso de TOR


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